A Two Years Old Boy Smokes Cigarette Since He Was Four Months

A Smoker Boy

A 2 Years Old Boy Smokes Cigarette Since He Was 4 MonthsVery Bad Habit: Choirul Anam with a cigarette between his lips.

A Two Years Old Boy Smokes Cigarette Since He Was Four Months - FaceLeakz - Although he's just 2 years and 2 months old but he already knows very well how to smoke a cigarette is.

The boy who started to like the smokes of tobacco is named Choirul Anam. This craze is getting a number of cases of children under five addicted to cigarette in Indonesia. In 2009 a 4-years-old smoker also occurred in the city of Malang. The boy who is named Sandi Adi Susanto, living in residents Kepuh, Sukun District, Malang, frequently cursed when he was smoking.

At that time, after he woke up, Sandi requested to made a cup of coffee and asked for a cigarette. Unlike Sandi, the case of the third son of Salama, 27, and late Asmad, the residents in Hantuah Gang Nanas street, Ngemplak Village, Gadingrejo Pasuruan District, has been long happened.

The boy who nicknamed Irul starting addicted to cigarettes since his age of four months.

Within a day, Irul could spend three cigarettes. In front of his new father, Irul does't awkward for asking and lighting his own cigarette penchant. Even when the fire of his cigarette would be turned down by winds, he tried to cover it up his self with a pack of cigarette.

Once he lit a cigarette and smoked, the belching smokes went out from his lips.Such as adult smokers, Irul also set up an ashtray that was placed in front of his seat. When the ash started to pile up, he handed the cigarette onto the ashtray.

According to Abidin Slamet, 51, who is grandfather to Irul, this bad habit was started from his interest to a cigarette which is left by his grandfather. unnoticedly by his family who worked as a chicken butcher in the Great Market Pasuruan, Irul took the cigarette which is left still in lit.

"I left the cigarette in lit condition while I was bathing. Then it was taken and smoked by Irul. I just found it out after I finished bathing. When I asked to return the cigarette, Irul was mad at me," Abidin Slamet said.

This issue has captured an attention from Pasuruan health department. They send their team for monitoring the health impact of Choirul Anam.

The team also made observations and inventory its handling steps. "We got off to observe and how to handle it," said dr. Hendra Ramadhan of the health department team in Pasuruan.
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A 2 Years Old Boy Smokes Cigarette Since He Was 4 MonthsIt's Not Cool boy: Sandi Adi Susanto Smoked a Cigarette in Malang.

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A Two Years Old Boy Smokes Cigarette Since He Was Four Months

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